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I keep starting this blog over again and again because none of it is making sense. Have you ever stopped and wondered if you are truly fulfilled? Honestly, I never had until it hit me over the head and I knew I needed a change. The second definition I found from searching Bing (I wantedContinue reading “Unfulfillment”

Leap of Faith

Today, I did something a little bit crazy….I jumped. I put in my 2 weeks’ notice at my job. I have been “crying wolf” for months, saying I was going to quit, yet refusing to follow through. I let fear and doubt get in my way. I still have no idea what is next!  IfContinue reading “Leap of Faith”

My Morning Routine

I cannot lie to you, the first thing I think when my alarm goes off, without fail, is “ARE YOU SERIOUS???” As if someone snuck into my apartment in the middle of the night and changed my alarm without my knowing. Unfortunately (or maybe it is a fortunate thing?), that has never been the case!Continue reading “My Morning Routine”

Mental Health >>>

For the last handful of months, I gave up. I am struggling to find the words to explain what I mean, but I’m trying. I pretty much shut down. I didn’t care if I was stuck working from home and alone all weekend, I had no desire to try and make myself better, and DEFINITELYContinue reading “Mental Health >>>”

Just Face it

It. Is. So. Hard. To. Intentionally. Face. Our. Emotions. I have to admit that I like to float through life and pretend everything is okay. I tend to avoid thoughts/situations that make me uncomfortable and hide things that bring up controversial memories. I have been doing some soul searching and focusing on my mental healthContinue reading “Just Face it”

Silver Lining

I hate to be the one preaching, but there IS good in every situation, whether or not you choose to find it. For anyone who reads my blog regularly (hi, mom!), that guy who “I deserved” in my last blog left me for his ex. Yeah, it sucks because he seemed so promising, but itContinue reading “Silver Lining”

Emotional Relapse

Is “emotional relapse” a thing? I could Google it, I guess, but at this point I want to get all of this emotional crap out. I don’t even know how it happened tonight. I was minding my business, scrolling on Instagram and next thing you know, I am down a rabbit hole SOBBING. Before tonight,Continue reading “Emotional Relapse”


I wanted to be cheesy and start this post with the definition of “forgiveness”. Remember how in elementary school, we were taught to start all of our papers with something to grab our audience?! A “hook”, was it? Well, let me tell you, this definition would have sent you running instead! In today’s world, “forgive”Continue reading “Forgiveness”

Lead by Example

What differentiates between leaders and followers? To me, it is follow through, or discipline. If the average person doesn’t want to do something, they don’t. They choose comfort over growth and let themselves slide. Leaders, though? They do it. Rain or shine, happy or sad, too hot or too cold. & get this…they do itContinue reading “Lead by Example”

This is 26.

Today is my 26th birthday. Instead of focusing on thing I wish I would have done, or how I could “be better”, I decided to make a couple of lists for myself. I worked on these for a few days, much harder than I anticipated, but I am ready to give it my all!!! WeContinue reading “This is 26.”


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