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Lead by Example

What differentiates between leaders and followers? To me, it is follow through, or discipline. If the average person doesn’t want to do something, they don’t. They choose comfort over growth and let themselves slide. Leaders, though? They do it. Rain or shine, happy or sad, too hot or too cold. & get this…they do itContinue reading “Lead by Example”

This is 26.

Today is my 26th birthday. Instead of focusing on thing I wish I would have done, or how I could “be better”, I decided to make a couple of lists for myself. I worked on these for a few days, much harder than I anticipated, but I am ready to give it my all!!! WeContinue reading “This is 26.”

Change is Scary

I wanted this page to be a positive one. I wanted to remind people that they are strong and that nothing can stop them; that I was there every step of the way. What happened to that Amber? That Amber was shattered. I am still here. I would still help anyone who needed me, noContinue reading “Change is Scary”


Let’s talk about momentum. Viewing it from a health standpoint, momentum is crucial for your success. The dictionary definition of “momentum” is very scientific, involving mass and velocity, so let me Amber-ify it for you. Momentum is a continuation of motion, after initial movement. You know, when you don’t want to do anything, but convinceContinue reading “Momentum”

You Need a Vacation!

YOU NEED A VACATION…specifically for your mind. You don’t need to go to Hawaii, you NEED to be around people who love you. Trust me. Working from home has been a pretty big joke on my end until more recently. I practically had my own “stay at home vacation”, but there was still something missing.Continue reading “You Need a Vacation!”


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