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Food Choices

Health is our foundation of being. When it comes to food choices, we are either feeding disease or fighting it. This doesn’t mean we can’t eat what we love, but we must try to find a healthy balance!

Diets are overrated and often have an expiration date. Let’s work towards a way of eating that is both enjoyable and sustainable!

Habit Change

Transforming your life begins with changing your habits. Good or bad, habits play a key role in our overall satisfaction with life. Habits operate on both conscious and subconscious levels. Don’t be a slave to yours!

A key in changing our habits is replacing them. Working with me, we will find healthier alternatives to many of your favorite vices!


Exercise is crucial to our health as humans. It also has a very negative connotation in today’s world. Fortunately, there are hundreds of options, some requiring nothing but your body! (Fun music optional).

Don’t be stuck hiding from exercise, let’s find a form you enjoy and have fun while getting you the body of your dreams!

It’s going to be hard, but that doesn’t mean impossible.

– Anonymous

About Me

My name is Amber Baggiore and altering my approach to health has changed my life. I would love to help you transform your life as well!

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